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Become a Fincra partner and get benefits designed specifically for you.

 Whether you provide software as a service or tech-enabled financial services, partnering with Fincra can help you accelerate business growth and scale across new markets. You can also earn commissions by referring businesses to Fincra.

Begin your journey to becoming a Fincra partner

With Fincra you can choose the best partner program for you.

Perk Partner

A Fincra Perk Partner is a business or enterprise company that manufactures or redistributes technology solutions or general services that offer value to operational efficiency and business growth of Merchants within Fincra’s growing ecosystem.

Referral Partner

A Fincra Referral Partner is a business, individual or enterprise corporation that can earn commissions for each legitimate lead and converted business that you refer to Fincra. Referrals are one of the best ways to make money with Fincra.

Grow your revenue as a Perk Partner


Provide benefits

Offer exclusive discounts/perks/benefits/rewards to attract new customers through Fincra.

Customer loyalty

Increase in customer loyalty and trust by becoming associated with a trusted brand & partner like Fincra.

Business referrals

Fincra will refer Merchants to your company who are in need of the technology solutions or general services you offer, helping you expand your customer base, generate new business opportunities and generate revenue.

Brand exposure and visibility

You will be featured prominently on our website, marketing materials, and digital platforms, providing you with increased exposure to potential customers within our ecosystem.

Collaboration and networking

Opportunity to collaborate with other esteemed Fincra Perk Partners, fostering networking and business development prospects within our vibrant community.

Exclusive events and resources

Exclusive invites to events, webinars, and workshops tailored specifically to the needs and interests of our Perk Partners, enabling you to stay updated on industry trends and forge meaningful connections.

Grow your revenue as a Referral Partner

  • Earn up to 5% commission (of the net revenue) for every converted business
  • Earn recurring commissions when a lead is converted to a paying customer on Fincra
  • Keep track of all referrals from your Fincra dashboard and withdraw (payout) commissions to preferred bank accounts with ease. Commissions will reflect on your Fincra balance
  • Get access to Fincra referral partner marketing assets to help promote your business
  • Increase in customer loyalty by becoming associated with a trusted brand & partner like Fincra

Partner Benefits

Partner with Fincra to accelerate growth

With access to our wide network of partners, you can expand your reach and gain connections that will support the sustained growth of your business.

Increase efficiency in crucial business areas

The Fincra Partner Program provides access to resources that help improve the efficiency of operations, increase sales, and create long-term relationships.

Increase customer loyalty

Gain increased customer loyalty by becoming associated with trusted brands and industry partners.

Earn from the comfort of your home

Earn commissions for each valid lead and converted business you refer to Fincra. No other implementation is required.